For more than twenty years The FEL Group has conducted successful searches for our clients to manage and fill their specific and specialized needs in financeeconomics practices, litigation support, strategy and policy consulting.

Labor Economics
Our searches in labor economics are varied with assignments for experienced economists who have dealt with labor issues in class action, arbitration, and other contexts.    Many of our clients are involved in allegations of discrimination related to gender, race, or other protected status.  They are familiar with issues of compensation, termination, promotion, and hiring, and work with claims of adverse treatment, issues related to class certification, and damages estimation.

We are also interested in candidates who have experience with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and other wage and hour matters.

Specific experience includes valuation of benefits; analysis of life expectancy and employment expectance; and mitigation earnings. 

In addition to expert reports and testimony, our clients are also involved in providing advisory services to companies and government agencies involved in labor and employment disputes.  In this advisory work, we are interested in candidates with experience in such areas as designing systems to track employment practices, monitoring consent decrees and settlements, and designing and conducting studies of employment and contracting practices.