For more than twenty years The FEL Group has conducted successful searches for our clients to manage and fill their specific and specialized needs in financeeconomics practices, litigation support, strategy and policy consulting.
Mollie Haydel handles systems and technology for The FEL Group. Her work includes monitoring, correcting, and streamlining our priority data system, which has over 20,000 entries on the candidate side and hundreds of entries in the industry, client, and market information areas. Mollie coordinates with the firm's technical specialists to ensure that information is fast and accessible to the recruiters and project leads at all times. She also coordinates external resources, such as Linked In and publicly available relevant materials so that they are also immediately available and updated as needed for searches. Her main responsibility is to ensure a smooth and efficient internal and external information base which provides the staff with materials from multiple sources to answer questions quickly and accurately during all of their interactions with clients and candidates.

In addition, Mollie designs and produces the written and art materials which The FEL Group uses for its candidate and client outreach; she is responsible for assisting in the preparation of information packets for presentations and specialized requests and reports; and she created and designed the logo, letterhead, and website.

Mollie Haydel
Administrative/Technical Support
[email protected]